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photograph of Ms. McLaughlinMy name is Colleen McLaughlin and I am currently a Title 1 Math and Reading Teacher for Wilton Public School. In K-6 Title 1 Reading and Math, we work on a assortment of skills, based upon the needs of each of the variety of students that I have been given the opportunity to work with. Depending upon the student, their readiness level of development, prior knowledge, and areas in need will determine what she/he will be working on. In reading and math, I may work with students that may be struggling in one or more areas. Some example elements in reading may be with their fluency, word accuracy, word rate, phonemic awareness, comprehension of literary information, author purpose, vocabulary, etc. In math, some examples of elements may be with their fact fluency, computation skills, number values, problem solving, data interpretation, geometric interpretation of two and/or three dimensional shapes, vocabulary, multi-step process, etc. Over the years, it is a joy to work with such a variety of diverse learners throughout Wilton School, and see progress that each one makes.

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Colleen McLaughlin