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The math topics and standards we will try our best to cover this year are shown in the links below. I used the state standards and placed them in order based on skills required to do the next topic, prerequisite order.

Please remember, math is a building process. We don’t usually learn a skill then abandon it. Instead, we learn a skill and use it to learn another skill.

6th grade 7th grade 8th grade Geometry

Sorry. I am still working on the Geometry sequence.

I am excited to be back in the school! Please watch my short video.

We are reinventing school, learning and teaching right now. Some things will be the same or similar, but many things will be very different. I think we have a good plan and great start, but we didn’t have much time to get it all figured out, so we will have to be flexible and work together to iron out the details.

Please check all my other pages for more information. Links are on the right.

One last thing. I apologize for not using social media platforms. I will work very hard to make sure my web pages on the school site stay updated. Email and this web site will be my primary means of communication. All classroom activities and communication will go through TEAMS. I will also use the Remind app if something urgent comes up. It will likely ask you to come here to view the information. Most important, I am always a fan of meeting in person, socially distanced of course.


Please get a Texas Instruments TI-30x IIs. Sixth grade, we will be using calculators at the end of the second quarter. It would be a good idea to get a calculator while you are back to school shopping.

College bound students taking upper level math or science should be looking at a TI nSpire. A TI-84 Plus is my minimum recommendation for college.

We are not supposed to share devices, so make sure you keep track of your calculator! I will not be able to loan them to you.

Other Supplies

  • I will be ordering individual white boards and issuing them to all my students. I will also give you one whiteboard marker. It would be a good idea to buy a couple whiteboard markers in a dark color. Dark colors are easier to see in an online situation.
  • Earbuds for listening to videos.
  • You will need a protractor which is also used as a ruler.
  • Red pen. You will correct some of your own work and I need to be able to see this work.
  • The obvious pencils and paper. I HIGHLY recommend you come up with a notebook color scheme. Your math binders are always red and science is blue, for example. Organization is very important.


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