Online tools, apps and processes

Modified on 27 August 2020

User Accounts and Passwords

  • Please make sure you keep track of your user names and passwords. Write them down, keep it organized and put it in a safe place.
  • We will show you an app to help you organize your links and login information.

Apps and programs

  • I learned the One Drive app is probably the best tool for taking pictures of homework.
  • Our main platform is Microsoft TEAMS
    • All assignments, directions and communications go through TEAMS
    • It would be a great idea to add this app to your phone. This will make taking a picture of your work and submitting it to assignments much easier.
  • Office Lens is another good app you can use to take a picture of your homework. We will work on this in class. There are other options we will explore in class.
  • I use Edpuzzle to deliver videos
  • Students will use a program called Geogebra for some assignments. It would be a good idea to create an account and start playing with this program. Geogebra is a math equations and graphing program. We will cover it in class, but it will go better if you have some practice ahead of time.


  • Chromebook: All of my students should have a School issued Chromebook. The Chromebook has one significant weakness. It does not have a forward facing camera. This makes it extremely difficult to take pictures of your homework. My best advice is to use a cell phone, iPad or other device for taking pictures of your work. You could also use someone else’s phone and ask them to email it to you. We will cover techniques to do this in class.

Suggested Apps to download

  • One Drive or Office Lens
  • Remind – I will only use this app when absolutely necessary. Please click the appropriate link below or enter the address to join that group.
    • Math 6
    • Math 7
    • Math 8
    • Geometry
    • Jr High Football