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3rd Grade Lessons Archive

Week 6     5/4 – 5/8 

3rd Grade 

May the 4th be with you! I hope by now you’ve at least heard of Star Wars. Even if you haven’t seen any of the movies, you probably know who Darth Vader is and have heard his song. Click here for Darth Vader’s music. All of the Star Wars Music was written by a man named John Williams. He is one of the most famous movie music composers of all time! He was born in 1932. That means he is 88 years old and still composing music for movies!  

You have probably heard some of his other music and didn’t even know it. All of the music below was written by John Williams. I bet you’ve at least heard of some of them. Click on some and listen or dance to the music. You might even be able to watch some of the movies with your parents.  

Clichere to listen to the Jaws theme song

Click here to listen to the Superman theme song

Click here to listen to the Indian Jones theme song

Click here to listen to the E.T. theme song

Click here to listen to the Jurassic Park theme song. 

Click here to listen to the Harry Potter theme song 


Week 5     4/27 – 5/1 

3rd Grade 

The weather is supposed to be beautiful this week, so for music, go on a sound walk. If you can’t go outside you could also do this around the house too. A sound walk is where you go on a walk and listen to all the sounds around you. After your walk, make a list or journal about all the sounds you heard. Try to listen for soft, loud, long, short, high, and low sounds. On a different day, you could go on another walk and try to listen for sounds you heard the first time and new sounds you didn’t hear the first time. 


Week 4     4/20 – 4/24 

3rd Grade 

This week we are going to learn about the music staff and the names of the lines and spaces on the music staff. We’ve talked about it a little bit before, but we need to talk more about it because right away next fall, we will be learning to play the recorder! First remember that the music staff has 5 lines and 4 spaces between those lines. We call those lines and spaces the staff. We put a treble clef right at the beginning of the staff. The Spaces are labeled (from bottom to top) F-A-C-E. The Lines are labeled (from bottom to top) E-G-B-D-F. Listen to this Quaver song to help you remember the names of the lines and spaces. Click here for the link.  

Now it is your turn to make your own music staff. You could just write it on a piece of paper, but I think it would more fun to make a life size music staff! You could find some string and lay 5 pieces down on the floor. You could go outside and find some sticks to use. You can really use anything you can find lying around as long as it would be safe. Then practice going from line to line and space to space and saying the right letter name. If you feel really confidenthave someone quiz you about the letter names by placing themselves on your music staff. Go back to the Quaver song if you get stuck or can’t remember.  


Week 3     4/14 – 4/17 

3rd Grade 

This is going to be our final week using the song Ho Taru Koi. I hope you’ve had fun with it and enjoy your finished product at the end! 

Our last week in school we talked a little about form (the pattern of the song). We are going to create an ABA version of the song Ho Taru Koi. If you’ve been doing all the music lessons each week, you will have everything you need to put it all together.  


Here is our form. 

Introduction – What you created in week 1. 

A – Ho Taru Koi sung by yourself or with the recording. 

B – The part you created last week from the word list. 

A – Ho Taru Koi sung by yourself or with the recording. (same as 1st A)  

Ending – Feel free to add an ending pose or sound to signify the end of the song. 


Perform the entire piece of music without any pauses in between sections. Feel free to add background noise or effects and use any props you can think of. You can have your family help out with anything you need. Have someone record your final product. I would love for your parents to share it with me so I can see them! 😊   

The link to song is here

The link to the word list is here



Week 2     4/6 – 4/10 


3rd Grade 

The 3rd graders created this word list to go with the Firefly song Ho Taru Koi. Click here for the word list Use the word list to create a 4 beat phrase. Mix up the words in any order you like as long as it makes sense and you like it. Clap 4 beats while you say it to make sure it fits within the 4 beats. Some examples I thought of were “Intergalactic Glow Sticks” or “No More Hiding Lightning Bug”.  

Say or sing your phrase four times in a row making sure it sounds rhythmic. Create a different dance move, action, or movement for each of the four times you say it. Props are encouraged! Perform this new section of the song for a family member.  

Here is the link to the original song if you want it. Original song link


Week 1     3/30 – 4/4

In music each week, I will send activities for you and your children to do. The more family members that get involved, the more fun they will be. Some things you will only have to do once while other things you’ll find its more fun to do a little every day.
We had just started working on a Japanese folk song in music. Click here for a link to the song. Listen to the song and notice that the singing doesn’t start until 11 seconds. First the song is sung by 1 person, then in a round with 2 people, and finally in a round with 3 people. Listen to the song a couple times, and then try singing along. The lyrics are below.

Ho Ho Ho Taru Koi

Atchi No Mizu Wa Ni-ga-i-zo

Kochi No Mizu Wa A-ma-i-zo

Ho Ho Ho Taru Koi

Another day try to find things around your house that would help create a cool introduction. Remember that the introduction is the first 10 seconds. Play your introduction and sing along with the song. Perform for some members of your family. 🙂