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Photo of School Counselor, Ms. HogueHello, my name is Savannah Hogue and this is my second year as the school counselor at Wilton Public School. This is my sixth year as a school counselor and I love it! I graduated from the University of Mary in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social and Behavioral Science. I returned to the University of Mary one year later to pursue a graduate degree and received my Master’s in Counseling in 2014. I was a middle school counselor the four years following that and have now made my way to Wilton :)




Wilton Public School E-Counseling

Ms. Hogue will be available via email at during this time of e-learning. Through email we can also establish times to do ZOOM meetings, Teams meetings, or chats as needed as well. This is available for both students and parents.

Office Hours: I will be available M-F 10am – 3pm via email (


If you feel you are in an immediate situation and it is after hours, or I have not been reached please contact the following appropriate resources:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Sanford Emergency Room – 701-323-6150

CHI Emergency Room – 701-530-7000

Sanford Behavioral Health Services – 701-323-6543

CHI Archway Mental Health Services – 701-530-7300

If this is a mental health emergency please contact 911


Counseling Lessons

 PK – 6: Weekly counseling lessons will be sent via email by your student’s teacher, posted on the counseling website, or posted to their teacher’s Teams page

7 – 12: Monthly counseling lessons will be added to the student’s grade specific school counseling Teams page


Dear Wilton School parents, care-givers, and students,

During this unprecedented public health situation and school closure, the availability of school supports your children usually have will change. We want to assure you that school counseling services will still be available for students on a limited basis via Microsoft Teams and the Zoom online platform.

If your child wants to request a one-to-one online meeting with their school counselor, they should email Ms. Hogue at, who will provide a meeting date and time with either a Team meeting invite or Zoom meeting code.

We must require the following for your child to participate in online school counselor meetings:

Informed Consent Form completed and signed by parent/guardian – you may scan it or take a photo and email it to your school counselor or sign online (See attached form)

  • Computer or tablet with webcam and audio capability, connected to the internet
  • An email address for the student or parent (that the student and/or parent can access)
  • A quiet and private space for your child where they will not be disturbed or interrupted during their school counseling session
  • An adult or older sibling available to help younger students request an appointment and sign into their session

Ms. Hogue will be available for sessions approximately 30 minutes in length with students. I will adjust available scheduling as needed and as the community health situation changes.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me – I will be available to you via email.

Warmest Regards,

Savannah Hogue, M.S.

PK-12 Professional School Counselor

Wilton Public School



How to connect with your school counselor for online meetings – Wilton Public School

  1. You will receive the Informed Consent form from me via email
    1. If you can print it, please do so – student and parent must read the form; then parent/guardian signs it (students 18 or older may sign for themselves)
    2. Parents/guardians – do your best to make sure your child understands the Informed Consent form and benefits/risks
    3. If you cannot print it, you may digitally sign it by typing required information at the bottom. It is a Word document, so you can use MS Word to complete/sign the form.
  1. Send Informed Consent form to Ms. Hogue at
    1. Suggestion – take a CLEAR picture of the signed copy to make a digital copy
  1. When Ms. Hogue receives your signed informed consent form, I will email you with options of dates and times, where you will choose the meeting time that works best for you.
    1. Ms. Hogue will email you a meeting code for Zoom or a meeting invite on Microsoft Teams – write this down or save it to your phone or device
  1. Tips for online meetings with your school counselor
    1. Make sure your device is plugged in or fully charged, and connected to the internet
    2. Find a quiet, private space for yourself during your meeting where you will not be interrupted
    3. Minimize background noise and distractions – pets, music, TV, other voices, etc.
    4. Keep in mind that even though Teams and Zoom are secure, encrypted services, there is no absolute guarantee of confidentiality on any online platform; other people in your home could overhear your meeting; internet security is only as strong as the protections in place connected devices, internet connections, and internet service providers

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email Ms. Hogue and I will contact you as soon as I can. Thank you!

Ms. Hogue