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Virtual Learning Commons

computer w/coffeeHello!¬†Welcome to the Wilton Public School’s Virtual Learning Commons! What is a Virtual Learning Commons? It is THEE PLACE to go to find all sorts of information—all in one spot. And the best part is, you can research, do homework, plan your evening, etc. all in the comfort of your PJs. :) So grab a cup of ‘joe’, find a relaxing place and enter this new virtual library. I would recommend starting here to watch a “Welcome” video by none other than Mrs. Quinn herself! ūüėČ


COVID Precautions:

Patrons will wear a face mask at all times. Disinfecting will occur between classes. Returned books will be put in ‚Äúquarantine‚ÄĚ for seven days before being put on the shelves for circulation again. ¬†They will not be stacked.


  • Liquid disinfectants and powdered cleaners
  • Fogging
  • Ultraviolet Radiation
  • Microwave Radiation

**Please utilize the online libraries set up below to lower the spread of COVID contamination.

Easy Access Links
dogHe said, She said 

Basically, anything having to do with homework is here! What is the homework assignment? Click here to find out. This is also the place where anyone can go to read about the latest instructional designs. For teachers who wish to collaborate, there is a blank “Collaboration Lesson Plan” to print off.


This page is for parents AND teachers.

Reading Links

FolloLibrary written on book spinesw this link for free online reading.


Click here to access Wilton’s very own digital library.

ND State Library
North Dakota State Library

By Carrie Scarr, CC BY-SA 3.0

 miners-logoWilton School Library

Click here to go to our school library’s “Search” page. Once there, click on Wilton Public School.

book with magnifying glassResearch the Wilton Way

Click here when you begin your research. MLA format checklists, citation guide & generator, dictionary and more to help you research the Wilton Way.

                                       FREE images

Images are fun to use & draw a lot of attention to your work. However, beware of copyright!! You cannot use any image you find on the Internet. Access this page to find a short list of websites that offer FREE images, a blog about image copyright, and a video showing how to do an internet search for free images.



The Book Nook


Book reviews, movie reviews, book chats

“How-To” Videos¬†

screenshot of video player

For students and teachers, this section has videos showing you how to access/use different items. If there is something you would like added, please let Mrs. Quinn know.

                                                                                             Image by Pixel_perfect from Pixabay


laptop e-learningHey! What’s That?¬†

This is the place to check out new learning apps. There is a section that shows teachers how to use the apps and there is a corresponding student page that shows students how to use the same apps.

Plus: learn what your Specialists can do for you! Don’t be afraid to reach out to them to get some extra help. :)



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