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What is FTC?

FTC stands for First Tech Challenge. This is the competition our robotics team participates in every year. The goal of the competition changes annually. From First Res-Q, to Velocity Vortex, to Rover Ruckus. Each year we receive rules, these rules may vary. With every competition comes a new set of goals. This year some of the goals we intend to accomplish are pulling the robot 4 inches off of the ground, placing different objects into the “lander” which is a box that is 12.5 inches off of the ground. During the competition there is three different sections, the autonomous period, the driver control period, and the end game. The autonomous period is when our robot is run with pre-programmed movements. The driver control period is when we control our robot using remote controls. The end game is the last thirty seconds of the competition. During this time certain actions are worth more points to our team, sometimes there are additional actions for our team to complete for more points. After the competition, the teams are ranked by their points, which then determines who wins. The top two teams go to nationals and this year there is a drawing for an additional team to go to nationals.

Here is link to the FTC website and a video introducing the competition.

FTC Website:

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