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photograph of Mrs. Bernhardt

Welcome to my homepage!  My name is Sheila (Bartholomew) Bernhardt and I guess you’d have to say I’ve been in Wilton a long time as I graduated from this very school.  This will be my 27th year back in Wilton and my 33 year of teaching, with every one of them being a new adventure.  I received my Masters in Counseling and left teaching Jr. High Language Arts but kept the library in my daily doings.

I am married to Patrick Bernhardt and we have two very spoiled Chesapeake Bay/Labs at home.  I  love to read and go to movies.  I love to camp and plan to more of  it as time passes.  The two greatest  joys I have are my two families, my biological ones and those students that I work with each day.

My favorite addage is Carpe Diem or “sieze the day.”  A person needs to take each day and make it theirs.  The choice is up to you.

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Sheila Bernhardt