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Mrs. Leintz’s Classroom Syllabus

Mrs. Leintz’s Email:


Phone Numbers:

School Number:  701-734-6331        

Google Number: 701-369-0483 (Leave texts or voice messages)

Section 1: Class Goals/Lifelong Goals:

Be Yourself:  Every person is unique and special.  We all learn and experience life in a different way.  It is your job to learn that about yourself.  

  • Have Courage:  Once you understand your strengths and areas of difficulty, you need to…….
  • Take Risks:  Try new things and if you need help – learn how to ask for it appropriately.  Don’t be afraid;  you just might find something you love and are really good at.   
  • Be Creative:  When things are difficult, be creative.  Find different ways of looking at the problem.  Use your strengths and they will get you to a solution.  
  • Stand Tall:  Be proud of the person you are!!  
  • Dream Big:  The world is full of possibilities.  Once you know how to work with your gifts, you will find that Big Dreams are within your reach.  

Section 2: Classroom Expectations:  


  1. Know your disability, your IEP goals, and your accommodations and modifications
  2. Be on task, follow directions, and keep your materials organized
  3. Complete work on time
  4. Ask for help when needed


  1. Respect Yourself:  be honest, be prepared, participate, and make goals
  2. Respect Others:  listen, work together, and be understanding
  3. Respect Your School:  follow school rules, listen to directions, and pick up after yourself


  1. Read, listen, and follow all posted safety rules.
  2. Consider each person’s safety to be your responsibility.

Section 3: Materials Needed Daily:

  1. Positive attitude
  2. Determination
  3. Assigned Homework
  4. Chromebook or iPad

Section 4: Procedures:

Entering the Classroom:

  1. Enter quietly and hand in Homework
  2. Grab a pencil and eraser and find a seat
  3. Be patient – if Mrs. Leintz is working with another student do a Folder Activity

Exiting Classroom:

  1. Do not pack up early
  2. Make sure materials are put away
  3. Stay seated until dismissed


  1. Complete work neatly and on time
  2. Hand in work in the designated tray

Late work:

  1. Bring your make-up slip to Mrs. Leintz to get missed assignments
  2. Complete late work in two days and hand into Mrs. Leintz

Section 5: School-wide Policies: (These are straight from the handbook and will be handled the same in every classroom)

Absences/Missing work: Students are responsible for making up work missed due to an absence. Students must get a make-up slip from the office before or immediately after the absence. Students have two days for the first day missed and one day for each additional day. Students absent for school-related activities are required to get assignments done when they are due, no extra time will be given to complete.

Tardiness: Each tardy will result in 5 minutes before or after school with the teacher.  Tardy slips will be filled out by the teacher, signed, and turned into administration. With a third tardy, a student will automatically receive an office referral.   

Cheating: All forms of academic dishonesty will make a student subject to disciplinary action. Cheating on individual assessments in the form of tests and quizzes taken in the classroom will result in a zero.

Electronic Devices: Modern technology has provided a wealth of electronic devices for entertainment and personal communication.  Personal use of devices (such as ipods, ipads, cell phones, etc.) will be prohibited at school during instructional time unless such use is for a clearly defined educational purpose with the permission of the classroom teacher.  Violations will be dealt with as follows:  

First Offensethe teacher will confiscate the device and the student may pick it up at the end of the day

Second Offensethe teacher will confiscate the device and a conference will be scheduled with the student parent and an administrator before the device is returned

Third Offensethe device will be confiscated and the student is subject to further disciplinary action that may include suspension

Technology: (Upon Board APPROVAL)

Students are required to have school technology charged for every class.
1st offense – the student calls the parent
2nd offense – the student calls parent and the device is kept at the school for 1 week
3rd offense – the student calls parent and the device is kept at the school for 1 month
Offenses beyond that will require the device to stay in school indefinitely.