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Mrs. Klabunde

photograph of Mrs. KlabundeGreetings!

Thank you for welcoming me as a new member of Wilton Public School.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Mrs. Wood, Superintendent Jordan and all the outstanding staff.  I look forward to serving the students and families of Wilton and hope to meet all of you throughout my first year as a Miner.

I am excited to bring my experience and passion to the Wilton community.  As a former school counselor, my personal mission is to create an environment where all students feel valued and heard.  I strive to meet the individual needs of students and families and invite you to call or stop in to chat about you or your student’s needs.  With my own little one at home, I know the value of open and timely communication and I prioritize supporting the needs of all our learners.  I look forward to working hard with the administration team to continue to elevate the opportunities for our students.  Although much of my time will be spent living out the Wilton Public School’s mission, you may also find me spending time outside of the school day playing with my son, Bo, attending a local yoga class or soaking up some relaxation time by browsing the isles of Target!

As a former outsider, I have looked upon Wilton Public School with sincere admiration.  Wilton students display rigor and responsibility, the incredible staff create a positive school climate, the administration team leads with innovation and the community and familial involvement is truly something unique and special. I look forward to celebrating with all of you throughout this school year.  Thank you for welcoming me into your community!

Lisa Klabunde